The current facility of the KAM Malenovice hotel was built in 1960’s as the holiday resort of the Bytostav company. The Christian Youth Academy bought the facility from the Malenovice municipality in 1999. Renovation took place with the help of hundreds of donors. Many volunteers from the Czech Republic, USA and other countries participated in this project. The motivation for all of them was to create a Christian centre for hosting conferences, to serve as a place for holidays and spiritual recovery, and be open to public at the same time. The KAM Malenovice hotel has been open since autumn 2001. Varied conferences, seminars, youth summer camps, family holidays, weddings or tourist stays have been taking place here ever since.

Building of the cabins in the lower part of resort began with the great financial support of our donors in 2010. Currently there are three smaller cabins and one lodge in operation: the Satina house, the Hradová house, the Malchor house and large Útulna house. Completing of the last building of resort, the Malenka house, continues simultaneously.