Hotel accommodation

The Hotel offers rooms with amenities, from single-bed rooms to six-bed rooms. Most of the rooms include a terrace with a spectacular overview of the valley and the opposite peaks of the Beskydy Mountains. The hotel capacity is 82 beds; with the possibility of accommodating up to 100 people using the extra beds.

The room composition is:

  • single-bed room: 2,
  • two-bed room: 8,
  • three-bed room: 5,
  • four-bed room: 4,
  • five- and six-bed maisonette rooms: 5,
  • double suite,
  • double VIP suite with whirlpool and fireplace.

Rooms, except the suites, are not equipped with TV. For those, the TV is available in the common room. The entire building is non-smoking.

Please, contact us at if you would like more information.