Restaurant and cafe

The Hotel Restaurant seats 120. The large lounge, which can be used for bigger celebrations or for wedding feasts, is available for up to 70 people, subject to table layout.

The small lounge, situated in upper part of the restaurant, is suitable for small celebrations or business meetings of up to 15 people.

The outdoor terrace with a spectacular overview of the valley and the opposite peaks of the Beskydy Mountains is very popular during the summer.

The Cafe is open during all seasons throughout whole year. It is open for the hotel guests as well as for public. We offer a wide selection of hot and cold beverages, desserts and other refreshments.

The hotel restaurant and cafe may be temporarily closed to the public due to a celebration or full hotel vacancy. We recommend to get the current information on our phone number +420 558 441 155 before you plan your visit to Malenovice so that you save yourself unnecessary travel. We are looking forward to your visit!