Conference facilities

The KAM Malenovice conference centre offers a wide variety of room layouts for your conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, residential outdoor schools, or courses:

The large conference room, situated in the lower part of the Hotel building, has a capacity of 150 people. It is equipped with a projection screen, data-projector/beamer, sound studio for recording, and translation services.

The small conference room with a fireplace is situated in the 3rd floor of the Hotel building. It has a capacity of 30 people and is suitable for small seminars.

The organization of small workshops or meetings may take place in the clubroom in 1st floor or the library room in 3rd floor of the Hotel building.

The common room in the ground floor of the largest cabin/lodge Útulna, is suitable for meeting of up to 50 people.

We provide the refreshments during your conferences and seminars. You can order the refreshments either in the meeting room or in our restaurant. We offer a variety of options for coffee breaks, depending on the wishes of our guests.

Wireless internet connection is available in all facilities. It is free of charge.

We are able to adapt to different space requirements of our guests and we try to meet their needs as much as we can.

Pricelist of the conference room rental and services

Facility Price
Large conference room 400 CZK / hour
Sound Studio * 200 CZK / hour
Small conference room 200 CZK / hour
Clubroom 100 CZK / hour
Library room 100 CZK / hour
Equipment for projector, projection screen 1 000 CZK / 1 day
Flipchart rental 100 CZK / 1 day
Translation set 500 CZK / 1 day
Printing and Copy printing black-white print A4 – 2 CZK
* We also provide the operation of our sound studio. The price depends on specific demand.

Refreshments and coffee breaks: according to client’s order.

We offer individual daily rates for the conference rooms and service rentals in case of multi-day conferences. These are related to the accommodation services, the length of stay and number of participants.