Cabin Accomodations

The cabin area is 250m south from the hotel building.

Currently there are 3 cabins and 2 lodges available: the Hradová, the Satina, the Malchor and Útulna and Malenka.

The three cabins (Hradová, Satina, Malchor) have a capacity of 8 beds and 2 additional beds each with the following layout and amenities:

  • 1 two-bed room on the ground floor;
  • 2 three-bed rooms with additional bed on the 1st floor;
  • common room with seats by fireplace, large dinning table;
  • two bathrooms + toilet;
  • kitchen (double-plate electrical stove, fridge, dishes).

The Útulna, big timber house, has capacity of 24 beds with the possibility for extra beds:

  • 4 rooms in first floor (1x four-bed room, 1x five-bed room, 1x seven-bed room, 1x eight-bed room), each room with its own amenities (bathroom + toilet);
  • big common room on the ground floor with capacity up to 50 people, changing room, 3x toilet;
  • kitchen (stove with oven, fridge, dishwasher, dishes set for 50 people).

The cabin area is non-smoking.

Please, contact us at if you would like more information.